News Release: Interview the Cosmetic Researcher

News Release: Interview the Cosmetic Researcher
Published information: the Aerosol Industry Newspaper (Japan) on 15th September 2022

An interview with Ms. Masuda from the Research & Development Department was featured in the article “At the forefront of cosmetics OEM development – Latest proposals from front-line researchers”.

The article introduces the Skin Smoothing Serum and the Hot serum wash / cleanser under the title “Further pursuit of formulas with a better texture – Proposal for skin-correcting serums that appeal to both men and women”.

In addition, the article is also featured about the recent diversification of the cosmetics OEM market from a developer’s point of view, changes in the market environment expected in the future and development policy in response to these changes, as well as the R&D stance from a broad perspective.

Featured Items:

Skin Smoothing Serum:

Hot serum wash / cleanser:

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