OEM Capability – Raw Material

Started as Raw Material Trading Company

HOSHI CORPORATION was born in 1975 as a raw material trading company.
Our task is to trade quality raw materials from Japan and overseas that corresponds to the market needs and latest trend, to continue supporting major cosmetic companies and famous brands.

Expanding from Raw Materials Import to Testing and Sales

In the manufacture of cosmetics, the selection and combination of raw materials occupy an important position, so we are constantly focusing on administrative tasks such as collecting new raw material information, prescription research, and quality testing.
In order to meet our clients demand, we utilize our knowledge and experience to purchase high-quality raw materials from various safe routes.

Japanese Raw Material

“Made In Japan” cosmetics quality is recognized worldwide and greatly appreciated, so the demand of Japanese raw materials are also high in order to fulfill the production of “Made in Japan” cosmetics.
We, Hoshi Corporation, have extensive selection of raw materials that are even more limited in Japan.


HOSHI CORPORATION, a Tokyo-based cosmetic OEM manufacturer, assists you create the one and only brand with the high quality and safety of Japan-made products.
We offer you a complete service including formulations, skin care, hair care, body care and specialty cosmetic. 

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