Hot Cleansing Gel

Remove dirt and oil deep down to the pores with a warming effect!
This gel has a warming effect that helps remove the impurities deep inside the pores.
Formulated with 92% beauty ingredients, the more you wash, the more moisturized your skin becomes.

Point 1:
A cleanser that is more like a beauty essence.

It prevents that dryness caused by over-washing, and gives you freshly moisturized skin.
You can also experiment a warming effect (we call it the “Hokahoka” effect) while you spread it over your bare skin.

Point 2:

You won’t need to wash your face twice after this cleansing, because by widening the pores, the gel catches the dirt clogged deep inside and removes it smoothly along with the makeup.

Point 3:

Additive-free ingredients: Paraben, petroleum surfactant, mineral oil, ethanol, synthetic fragrance and colorant. (According to company standards)

Point 4:
Product customization that goes well with the warming effect;

Blessing from Okinawa, Sea Silt (Marine Silt).

We can add sea silt (marine silt) as an ingredient to further improve the cleanser power.

A rare clay that can only be mined in the sea of ​​Okinawa will help clean the pores on a deeper level.

A valuable natural clay called “Kucha” in Okinawa, was accumulated over the years (about millions of years) onto the on the bottom of Okinawa’s deep sea, and has been used as beauty treatment from ancient times. This particular sea silt has ultra-fine particles with an average particle size of 7-9 μm, that will perform a deep cleaning by penetrating and removing the impurities from the skin. Because it’s negatively charged, it has an extremely high adsorption power, and removes fatty substances, proteins, and allergens on the skin on a molecular level.

Using the adsorption power of charcoal to clean the pores.

Charcoal is a powerful ingredient that can help to get rid of blackheads and clogged pores. Since charcoal has a porous structure and countless tiny holes, it helps with the removing of impurities. The warming effect will open the pores and the charcoal will help on a deeper cleansing level, leaving you with a clear skin.


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