Hot Serum Gel Cleanser and Face Wash

Original product, specially selected with “92% beauty ingredients and warming sensation formula” that Loosens the pores, relaxes the mind, cleanses the skin to be clearer and moisturizes it.
It is also possible to customize the formulation by changing the beauty ingredients as you wish.

Point 1:
Quick and easy gel-type face wash

This gel cleanser is ideal for busy people as it does not require to foam up.
This cleanser is useful for mornings when you don’t have time to wash your face, as sebum can cause skin problems if left it without washing off.

Point 2:
 Love your skin

This cleanser is rich in beauty ingredients and has over 90% of beauty ingredients and been designed to cleanse while retaining moisture in the skin. This cleanser is also recommended for makeup free skin, which is becoming increasingly common due to teleworking.

Point 3:
Skin warming effect

You can feel a warming sensation when you spread the gel over the face.
This warming effect helps soften sebum and loosen pores, making it easier to remove impurities.

Point 4:
Emotional Impact

Looking ahead to a new era that requires more than just basic functions, a new type of “emotional cosmetics” is increasing demand. A product that has synergistic effect of two “emotional” textures (that appeal to your senses).

First, a texture that will naturally help you to give a full attention to your skin, and a second texture that appeals directly to the senses with the warmth of the gel, moisturizing and softening not only the skin, but also the mind.


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