Domestic Factories

Environmental Consideration

CFC Emissions Control

Periodic review of refrigeration equipment (e.g., air-conditioning), and positive pressure ventilation equipment in manufacturing rooms.

Implementation of Eco-Friendly Boilers

Controlling CO2 emissions.

Implementation of Eco-Friendly Cooling Systems

Automatic change of water temperature, set in accordance with outdoor air temperature, and an energy-saving operation that increases and decreases based on the outside air load.

8S Movement

(Seiri=Sort, Seiton=Set in order, Seisou=Cleaning, Seiketsu=Hygiene, Shitsuke=Discipline, SAFETY, SAVE and SMILE) = the unique initiative known as the ‘8S Movement’ has been established.
Manufacturing products efficiently and without waste, while safely following the rules.

Promoting a Paperless Work Environment

Introduction of LCD terminals and electronic paper device (e-ink).

Reduction of Material Losses

Reducing excessive packaging and shrink-wrapping.

Reduction of Bulk Loss

Implementation of manufacturing and production management systems to improve operational efficiency, calculate optimum bulk production volumes and prevent losses.

ISO22716(Cosmetics GMP) Acquisition

In 2004, our factories in Gunma and Saitama both obtained ISO90001(International Standards).
Then in 2018, we also obtained ISO22716, one of the most reliable international standards. These guidelines were applied not only for the production, but also control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products.
Hoshi Corporation complies with Cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in all processes of cosmetics manufacturing, from receiving raw materials to delivering finished products.
In addition, each section has an experienced and dedicated person in charge to do a thorough inspection on quality control.

Safety and Quality Control Commitment

Cosmetic products come into direct contact with the skin, hence hygiene management is of the utmost importance.
We at Hoshi Corporation make multiple checks in the entire process of cosmetics manufacturing.

Hygiene Management

Each and everyone of our staff, make a lot of efforts to maintain a clean environment. Our manufacturing factories have a “clean room” that follows strict hygiene standards and every product is manufactured in that “clean room”.
All cosmetics are manufactured under strict hygiene controls, such as adjusting the air pressure to prevent outside air from flowing in and using equipment’s with high-performance filters.

Air Shower with Plasma Cluster

The static electricity suppression effect of the plasma cluster ions improves the performance of removing foreign substances such as invisible fine particles. It also inhibits the reattachment of those particles.

Positive Pressure Control System

This equipment installed in the clean room(filling room) controls to keep in a positive air pressure state using clean air supplied through HEPA filter. It also removes dust as small as 0.2 micron.

Static Eliminator

Our factories handle various types of packages (including plastics containers) and it is an environment like this where static electricity often happens.
This device is also installed in the painting line of automobile factories and removes falling bacteria in the air.

Preventing Pests

Germicidal lamps and insect lamps were installed in multiple locations. We also prevented insects contamination by thoroughly blocking possible invasion routes.

Our Position Towards Cosmetics Manufacturing

Our staff have inquisitive minds and ambition in relation to their daily work on cosmetics manufacturing.
In the cosmetics OEM industry, we believe that it is important not only to have technical skills in cosmetic manufacturing, but also to keep an eye on the trends in cosmetics and beauty in general.
By understanding the newest trends, we will have better results on our own factories. For example, when a new original item appears on the market, we acquire an analytical capacity from the manufacturing perspective by evaluating its manufacturing method upon close examination.
In addition, the needs for cosmetics are diversifying and subdividing year by year. Since the manufacture method changes for each product, it is impossible to automate the whole production line to make the same products. Although we can say that the introduction of partial robots is progressing, most of the work is still done manually. Therefore, we must be flexible to all the issues that occur on daily basis.
At the factories, it is indispensable to build reliable “know-how” and to have flexible responses for each product made.


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