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Taku Hoshino,President

Each and every employee at Hoshi Corporation committed to be the backbone of the beauty industry and we strive to only deliver products of the highest quality to our clients and our client’s customers. In order to achieve these goals, our company management has three main principles.

1. Multi-skilled Employees and Steady Supply
The requirements for cosmetics have become more diverse, small-mass markets and it can be said the market has grown to be more “niche-market” and “customer-based”. OEM companies are required to manufacture a limited production of diversified products and need to establish a manufacturing line and time for these different products with their own technique. We at Hoshi Corporation while implementing improving factory automation infrastructure, also put strength into our staff skills. We increased the number of staff with technical knowledge and we also strive to maintain a stable supply of products by identifying “accurate handicraft” and “work that maximize the machines role” while complementing the two.
2. Develop a High-Margin Cosmetic
In order to fulfill our purpose of supplying a high-quality cosmetic series, we started a ODM project (named HOP Project) in 2016, and with this project we were able to develop a wide range of products from Skincare to Haircare. In recent years, cosmetics with a mixture of logical sense (technique, evidence) and sensory base (usability, smell and color) are more required based on the latest trends.
Our company has a cross-functional team enforced by a creative planning team, skilled R&D, quality guaranteed production department and a sales team making effective proposals.
3.Global Network Support
Clients requesting support to expand its business abroad and OEM orders from overseas are increasing every year. In order to help our clients demands and provide a high quality “Made in Japan” cosmetics, we obtained internationally recognized qualifications.
As one of our initiatives, we successfully obtained ISO22716 (Cosmetics GMP) related to quality and the environment for our Gunma and Saitama factories in 2018.
In addition to this acquisition, our Okinawa factory has been approved as the Japan’s first bounded factory.
Okinawa factory also has both Halal and ECOCERT Certificate, therefore we can support not only local, but international clients that wants to expand its business to Islamic markets.


HOSHI CORPORATION, a Tokyo-based cosmetic OEM manufacturer, assists you create the one and only brand with the high quality and safety of Japan-made products.
We offer you a complete service including formulations, skin care, hair care, body care and specialty cosmetic. 

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