QUASI-DRUGS Hair Growth Lotion

This quasi-drug hair growth lotion is not only formulated with effective hair growth ingredients but also contains a high concentration of Crataegus Cuneata fruit extract, which has been confirmed to promote hair growth, making it an efficacy-focused hair growth product. Its low-alcohol formula minimizes excessive irritation, making it suitable for women troubled by thinning hair or decreased hair volume.”

1. A high-specification hair growth agent emphasizing efficacy, formulated with a high concentration of two types of active ingredients and Crataegus Cuneata fruit extract.

2. Designed with a low alcohol content, making it easier for women to use.

3. Formulated with diverse beauty ingredients for both hair and scalp care.

4. You can add your favorite fragrance.

5. Additive-free: Paraben, Mineral Oil, Petroleum-based Surfactant, Synthetic Colorant, Silicones, UV absorbers.
(if fragrance-free, can also be advertised as additive-free)

Prevention of hair loss, dandruff, itching, prevention of hair loss after illness or childbirth, promotion of hair growth and regrowth.

Stephania Cephalantha Alkaloids
Derived from Stephania Cephalantha plant roots, it boosts hair growth by widening capillaries, improving nutrient supply to follicles, and it’s expected to strengthen hair strands by stimulating hair papilla cells.
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate
With potent anti-inflammatory properties, it’s extensively used in cosmetics and quasi-drugs to prevent and alleviate skin inflammation, irritation, and acne.

Crataegus Cuneata Fruit Extract / Watercress Plant Extract / Seaweed Extract (1) / Japanese Cornel Fruit Extract

ー Crataegus Cuneata Fruit Extract 10% mixture ー

Crataegus Cuneata Fruit Extract derived from the hawthorn plant of the rose family, and it has been confirmed to promote hair growth by stimulating hair papilla cell proliferation, enhancing hair elongation, inhibiting transition to the hair regression phase, and exerting a hair growth effect against male hormones.

Prioritizing the efficacy of hair growth, we have included this extract in our lotion at a concentration equivalent to that proven effective in test trials! In addition to the effects of active ingredients, you can also expect the hair growth benefits.

Functional Mechanism (Illustration)


Additive-free: Parabens, Mineral oils, Petroleum-based Surfactants, Synthetic Colorants, Silicones, UV absorbers, Synthetic Polymers
※ If fragrance-free, it can also be advertised as additive-free for “specified display ingredients.”


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