Perfect for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Improves the barrier function of sensitive skin and regains the skin’s original function.
If your skin is not on the best condition, you may be hesitant to put more cosmetics, but without any help the skin barrier function will decrease.
This cosmetic is designed specifically for sensitive skins, it will moisturize and keep the skin in good condition.

All-in-One Gel

Net Contents : 30g

Quantity : 3,000Unit Price (JPY) : 1,200
Quantity : 10,000Unit Price (JPY) : 1,100
Quantity : 30,000Unit Price (JPY) : 950


Net Contents : 100mL

Quantity : 3,000Unit Price (JPY) : 1,000
Quantity : 10,000Unit Price (JPY) : 900
Quantity : 30,000Unit Price (JPY) : 850


Net Contents : 30g

Quantity : 3,000Unit Price (JPY) : 1,100
Quantity : 10,000Unit Price (JPY) : 1,000
Quantity : 30,000Unit Price (JPY) : 900


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