Hydrogen Facial Sheet Mask

More than 200 papers have been published in Japan and around the world about the several beneficial powers of hydrogen.
Recent research has shown that hydrogen is not only useful in medical and cosmetic applications,
but also as a new source of energy.

– Hydrogen-Bag System –

The special small plastic balloon filled with hydrogen (hydrogen-bag) is in an aluminum bag together with the mask and the serum.
The hydrogen-filled-balloon gradually releases the hydrogen, which mixes with the serum infused in the mask.
Since the hydrogen can’t pass through aluminum, it remains trapped inside the bag, making it possible to provide sheet masks with hydrogen that are stable for a long time.

– Fight Against Anti-Aging! –

1.The smallest and most powerful antioxidant in the universe

A comparison of the molecular weights of the most common antioxidants.
Hydrogen, which has the smallest molecular weight, releases the most electrons and has the same antioxidant capacity as astaxanthin, which is about 597 times more potent.

2.Combines with active oxygen to become harmless water

Hydrogen binds to active oxygen and transforms it into harmless water, and it also meets the safety standards in Japan which is guaranteed to be safe for consummation.

– Product Concept –

1. Absorption Ability
An in-house comparison of the use of the same bulk serum with and without the hydrogen-bag showed that the sheet mask with the hydrogen-bag had a better absorption feeling than the sheet mask without the hydrogen-bag.

2. A Simple Switch to Hydrogen Mask Sheets
Without changing the mask or the bulk of the serum, it is possible to renew an existing mask into a value-added product with hydrogen simply by adding a hydrogen-bag.
No special capital investment or research and development is required.

3. Various Applicability
It is possible to expand the product lineup by just adding a hydrogen-bag.

– Result of Internal Survey-


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