Eye Shadow


“Eyeshadow” maximizes the impact of your eyes.
Beautifully colored sophisticated look will stand out, making you look even more attractive.
We accurately assess market needs and competitive trends to offer you an original shadow product that match the needs of your brand.

Product Characteristic Made by Hoshi Corporation

  • By choosing a qualified color ingredient with development capability, we are able to make the best use of characteristic of each ingredient
  • good adhesion to skin, bright color and long lasting
  • adjustable to any kind of color

ODM Business Plan

For this ODM plan, please start from choosing eyeshadow compact from our selection.
Those functional and great quality made-in-Japan compacts have many past adoption results.
You can customize the pallet you choose.

We have a range of eye shadow pallets for one-color, 2-colors, 4-colors and-6 colors.

  • Quantity for pressed type : 3,000

Developing Process

Step1:Choose Color

We can adjust to your desired color and are able to produce an infinite range of colors.
Please note your referring color sample on enquiry form if any.

Step2:Choose Container

Please make a pallet selection from your desired numbers of color in one pallet.
We provide various shape of pallets of great Made-in-Japan quality.
You can change the color of your chosen pallet with your original design.
Please send the request form with your preferable pallet number.

1 Color Pallet



※This compact can be for cheek product.

2 Color Pallet




4 Color Pallet




6 Color Pallet




※Shadow colors in the photo are sample image.


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