“EMUCERA” Lotion

– More than 80% of our product testers felt skin absorption –

We aimed for a skin lotion with a similar texture and effect of a beauty serum.

More than 80% of our product testers felt skin absorption. 

It all started with a research assignment on 『how can a skin lotion make your skin beautiful ?』, and after more than a year of development, Hoshi Corporation EMUCERA® Lotion was created.

This lotion permeates into the skin, improving skin elasticity from inside, a smooth texture that makes you want to touch it. Be sure to try this new type of lotion, different from all other types (compared to our other products), because it will make your skin moist and soft!

The secret behind this high-quality skin lotion, EMUCERA®.

The secret behind EMUCERA® Lotion, is that contains ceramide-like oil ingredients in its formula, which is also the origin of the name: Emulsion + Ceramide-like oil = EMUCERA®.

This product is composed with an emollient oil which was made from a plant-derived amino acids with a similar ceramide structure, then it was blended with an emulsion wrapped in lecithin, a phospholipid with high biocompatibility.

EMUCERA® uses ingredients with an excellent penetration power that has a similar skin constituent, it also has oil-soluble ceramide-like ingredients that penetrates deep into the stratum corneum despite being a water-based product. You can feel the change in your skin as you continue to use it.

Understanding the skin permeation

By using the macroemulsions method, the moisturizing and ceramide-like ingredients reach deep into the skin (up to the stratum corneum).

You can feel the difference from inside the skin every time you use this product.

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