Cushion Foundation

A cushion foundation is an evolutionary beauty trend, with liquid formula in a compact case (which is easy to carry) with a special sponge-like cushion to soak in the foundation.
In the last few years, cushion foundation became one of the biggest beauty trends and was established as a new makeup genre. It combines the convenience of a powder foundation with a good liquid type coverage.

Hoshi Corp’s Cushion Foundation

Despite being a buzzworthiness topic, most of the products on the market are not made in Japan, so our company’s ODM team developed a safe and secure made in Japan product. Moreover, we prepared two products type with a special formulation for delicate skins.

 – Cover Type

A cover type that regularizes and smooths out the uneven skin tone with a perfect finishing touch. The porous spherical soft-focus powder will diffuse the light in multiple directions which will soften the wrinkles and age spots. This product will leave the skin with a soft texture and high-quality glowing effect.

– Shimmer Type

A shimmer type that creates a clear and radiant skin. For this type, an ultra-fine particle powder with fine plate-like particles will give a highlighted reflection, leaving the skin with a wonderful glowing effect.

conceptual ideas for Cushion Foundation


We added a sunscreen to its formulation, and it can be applied with a puff, so your hands won’t get dirty. It’s very easy to use, especially for active people (during physical activities) and it can also be sold as products for men.


This is an easy-to-use cushion foundation for the cheeks. A product for “cushion beginners” and with just a few taps it will give color to your cheeks and that young look we always looking for.


A touch-up cushion that eliminates that cakey makeup caused by reapplying powder foundation repeatedly. It also can be used as a retouching technique after applying liquid foundation.


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