Clean Beauty Series

These days, more and more people are becoming aware of the potential dangers of ingredients formulated in skincare products and as a result, they’re turning to “clean beauty” products.

In broad terms, “clean beauty” products refer to cosmetics and skin care products that are free from harmful chemicals.


There is no official definition for “clean beauty” in the beauty industry yet, meaning it’s open to interpretation, so each company can take its own approach based on its own philosophy and definition.

Hoshi Corporation proposes ODM skincare formulation for the next generation, where environmental friendliness is becoming a matter of course.

HOSHI’s Clean Beauty

We set our own “10 Additive Frees” and “3 Development Policies” for the formulation as many people as possible will be able to use our cosmetics.

How to Proceed

Clean Beauty Formulations are as follows:

With 99% ingredient of natural origin.
Keeps the skin smooth and clear fresh with comfort for many hours with moisturization.

【CB Multi Use Oil】
Surprisingly, this formulation is 100% natural ingredients! This can be used for caring an entire body from face, body, and hair. You can claim as “surfactant-free two-step skin care” by a combination with “CB lotion”

Cream made from 100% naturally derived ingredients.
With a non-sticky finish and moisturizing efficacy prevents dryness. Smooth texture for all seasons use.


HOSHI CORPORATION, a Tokyo-based cosmetic OEM manufacturer, assists you create the one and only brand with the high quality and safety of Japan-made products.
We offer you a complete service including formulations, skin care, hair care, body care and specialty cosmetic. 

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