Amino-Acid Series

Amino acid shampoo is characterized by its low irritation to the scalp and hair. It also has gentle feel and high safety.
It has high moisturizing properties and does not remove excess sebum therefore, it is recommended for people who are concerned with hair dryness and how they spread.
Formulas containing Amino acid can be expected to ease the hair damage, especially for “people who are prone to rough scalp,” “people who are prone to dryness, “people with sensitive skin”, and “people who are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair.”


Net Contents : 250mL

Quantity : 5,000Unit Price (JPY) : 850
Quantity : 10,000Unit Price (JPY) : 800
Quantity : 30,000Unit Price (JPY) : 750


Net Contents : 250mL

Quantity : 5,000Unit Price (JPY) : 900
Quantity : 10,000Unit Price (JPY) : 850
Quantity : 30,000Unit Price (JPY) : 800


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