2024 New Year’s Message from the President

“The Year of Investment” 
In 2023, our company focused on internal improvements with the intent of fostering the long-term growth of the StarLab Group.
The new Saitama Make-up Factory was completed in May, and in November we established two more packaging and filling lines on the 3rd floor of the same.
It will also serve as a support for the Gunma factory, which expanded its manufacturing room in 2018. These improvements will help ensure a stable supply in both skincare and makeup.
Additionally, this April marks the 50th anniversary of our founding.
Having endured the loss of three years (due to the pandemic), this year, as the market recovers, is when the real competition begins.
In 2024, we will focus on the following:

Taking advantage of the strengths of having researchers for both makeup and skincare, we are enhancing our ODM proposals for makeup.
We have accumulated a track record of adopting products, including serum foundation, BB cream, CC cream, skincare UV, and multi-primers, for both men and women.
Furthermore, a dedicated line for cushion foundation was installed in our new factory. We will respond to the changing trends in base makeup post-COVID, leveraging our strengthened manufacturing, research and development capabilities.

In the midst of abundant information about beauty, consumers have moved past the stage of purchasing products “just because they are gaining attention”. There is a growing trend to discern and selectively choose “a line truly valuable to oneself ” regardless of their popularity.
While the mission of OEM companies like ours is to provide quality cosmetics, we are now judged comprehensively on our attitude and philosophy towards manufacturing, as well as factors such as SDGs and social contributions.
Although OEM companies are usually behind the scenes, recently, there are more opportunities for consumers to see us as a “manufacturer and distributor.” We will strive to build trust in both the B2B(business-to-business) and B2C(business-to-consumer) axes so that people think, “If it’s cosmetics made by Hoshi Corporation, they can be trusted.”

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have accumulated orders for OEMs from local companies and export goods for domestic clients in the ASEAN region (including China, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Oceania, such as Australia).
We have expertise in formulation development taking into account regulation of each country, as well as knowledge in export support related to customs and tariffs.
Recently, more clients are considering overseas expansion from the startup stage. We will support them by providing a comprehensive in-house support from product development to export operations.

The Shukan Syogyo Publishing Newspaper (Japan), both published an interview with our company’s president.

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The Aerosol Industry Newspaper (Japan): In the 5th, January 2024

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