Canadian Aroma

Published information: the Shukan Syogyo Publishing Newspaper (Japan): 15th May 2023 / An article of New Cosmetic Ingredient

The article, titled “Focusing on Canadian Essential Oils with Anti-inflammatory Data,” introduced six natural essential oils that HOSHI Corp. handles as the exclusive distributor in Japan.

The lineup has a unique and sophisticated woody fragrance, and is made from plants (fir, poplar, pine tree, etc.) found in Canada’s northern forests, which are rich in natural beauty.

The ingredients are certified organic by Ecocert Canada and USDA Organic, and include three “first in Japan” ingredients – Jack Pine, Balsam Poplar, and Sweet Gale – for which we have acquired the cosmetic ingredient name in Japan.

In addition, three of the essential oils (Labrador Tea, Balsam Poplar, and Sweet Gale) have acquired “anti-inflammatory” functionality data, which is rare for essential oils, and will contribute to adding extra value to products.

Click below to read the article (in Japanese).

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