A Long Interview by HOSHI Corp. CEO

A long interview with Taku Hoshino, President and Representative Director, on “Outlook and Strategy for the 49th Business Term” titled “Domestic Cushion Foundation Promotion, New Makeup Plant to Start Operation in July, Expansion of Original Ingredients: Six Natural Essential Oils from Canada” appeared in the article.

We will strengthen our proposals for base makeup products (cushion foundation, multi-UV, primer, BB, CC, liquid foundation, etc.), which is our forte, as our new makeup plant scheduled for completion in coming May will approximately double our manufacturing capacity.
Other new materials to be proposed include “men’s cosmetics,” “clean beauty,” and “hybrid products of makeup and care.

In this market, where the essential role of cosmetics is being reaffirmed, such as “after COVID-19”, as an OEM company, we hope to help foster further momentum. We look forward to your continued support in the 49th term.

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