The NEW & Ethical Anti-aging Ingredient

An article on the introduction of anti-ageing and moisturizing ingredients was published in C&T Beauty& Science on the 15th June 2022.

Pentadecyl is extracted from Aurantiochytrium, a microalga that includes kelp, wakame seaweed and diatoms.

It is an ethical raw material produced in Japan using domestically produced Aurantiochytrium isolated from seawater around 25 meters deep off the coast of Ishigaki Island.

Even with a minute concentration of 0.001%, the product has been shown to improve fine wrinkles caused by dryness and has various back data on its mechanism of action, giving it a significant advantage over raw materials that simply claim a wrinkling effect.

A further advantage is the novelty of the product, which was launched in May last year.

For more information and the full article, click here↓.

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