Environmental Considerations for Packaging

Since the beginning, Hoshi Corporation’s OEM cosmetic factories in Gunma and Saitama have been committed to the “8 S’s” (整理 – “Seiri” = Sorting, 整頓 – ”Seiton = Tidying”, 清掃 – “Seisou” = Cleaning, 清潔 – “Seiketsu” = Cleanliness, しつけ – “Shitsuke” = Discipline, Safety, Save and Smile), as part of our responsibility to provide environmentally friendly cosmetics.

By producing products safely (while respecting safety rules), the amount of bulk waste is reduced, which leads to reduction of production losses in terms of raw materials, materials and working time.

We are also working to reduce electricity consumption during production by promoting the use of LED and paperless lighting in the company and the installation of shut-off sheets.

Additionally, the manufacturing sector is also focusing on CFCs, which can cause global warming, and is working with a “Class 1 CFC filling and recovery company” to reduce the emission of CFCs.

The Indonesia plant, established joint venture with a local company and Hoshi Corporation, is developing make-up containers made from biodegradable plastic and other environmentally friendly special resins.

Moreover, we are strengthening our offer of raw materials that are compatible with the SDGs.

・Raw materials with full traceability and support for local working women

・Up-cycled raw materials that make effective use of agricultural waste

・Environmentally friendly “vegetable scrubs” and “biodegradable glitter”.


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