The Changing Demands for 「Hair Growth Tonic Products」

The consumer behavior has changed remarkably, and it seems they are more motivated to at least spend a comfortable time during this COVID-19 pandemic.

With the pandemic and its self-quarantine, health consciousness accelerated and expensive haircare products sells increased that even the Japanese beauty industry created the expression [Okomori Biyō], which roughly translated means [an even more dedicated beauty habits].

The number of opportunities of having a beauty treatment done by professionals at spa or beauty salon spa was reduced by COVID-19, so the demand for items that can do a proper “good self-care” has grown.

The numbers of inquiries – made by domestic and foreign businesses – to Hoshi Corporation also shows an increase search on shampoo, after bath hair treatments, and hair growth products.

Additionally, inquiries about “thinning hair care” products for men and search for hair loss prevention items for any gender has also risen. This may be influenced by the current condition.

Recently, products that were regarded as an “extension care” for hair, began to appear in the market. It was mostly for men concerned about hair loss and older women, but now the target widened, and products marketed for younger people also started to appear. This is possibly, another influence from the pandemic were 20s and 30s people started to pay more attention on and add “hair restorer” on their care routine.

To keep up with current trends, Hoshi Corporation is currently conducting research and development to expand the options for hair care products, such as “highly functional prescriptions” and “non-alcoholic prescriptions”. More details to be included in future releases, so don’t miss out!


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