A New Idea for a Simple Sustainable Care

“A new idea for a simple sustainable care” 
A shampoo & after bath oil that can cut up to 25%(*)of water consumption during shower. 
【For Corporations】
Products ready to be commercialize with formulation, concept and even packaging design finished. 
「High added value cosmetic that combines functionality with comfort and fragrance」 was developed by Hoshi Corporation, in response to the not so recent sustainable awareness. These two hair care products are environmentally friendly, and they (Hoshi Corporation) started accepting new orders for manufacture. 
A shampoo with high amino acid concentration and after bath botanical hair oil, that can achieve the dreamed shiny hair with a quite simple care.
Compared to the conventional method of washing (using shampoo and conditioner), these products can reduce by 25% of water use (*) and it also contributes to reducing plastic and hair washing time.

Starting with the marine plastic problems, efforts to address environmental issues are accelerating all around the world.
Our company implanted environmental consideration on many fields, from R&D, formulation, choosing correct raw materials, from packing manufacture to product manufacture.    
We use simplified cosmetics labels to cut the paper use and glass or ceramic type packages to reduce plastic consummation. As for cosmetic raw materials, we had lots of good results on replacing microplastic beads with naturally derived granules as the scrubbing agent contained in facial cleansers. 
Furthermore, we can assume that soon the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetics will increase even more, so we have begun product development with a more broaden perspective, focusing not only on the environment, but also the formulation, and usage method. We focused on general hair care using shampoos and treatments and came up with an environmentally friendly method that does not use conditioners or treatments.

A careful routine for hair care is based on the following steps: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and after bath treatment (oil base or cream base), but we were able to develop a simple hair care method that only needs two steps, shampoo and after bath hair oil.  
It can cut up to 25% (*) of water consumption during shower, because it doesn’t need to wash off the conditioner and deep conditioner. 

It also helps on the plastic reduction, because instead of four items (shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, hair treatment) we developed two items that fulfills every step. 

(※)Numbers based with water running during shower:
Shampoo time 3 minutes (about 36 liters)
Conditioner or deep conditioner time 1 minute (about 12 liters)

【STEP1】「Amino Acid-Rich Shampoo」to be used on the shower. 
Wash your hair with a high-concentration “amino acid-rich shampoo” that contains more than three times the normal amount of plant-derived amino acid-based ingredients (compared to our prescription).
A fine texture foam created from a dense gel, will help to reduce hair tangling and that wiry hair feeling after shampooing by gently removing dirt and moisturizing the scalp and hair.
【STEP2】「Botanical Hair Oil」for after bath.
After carefully drying the hair with a towel, apply the non-silicone after bath 「Botanical Hair Oil」all over the hair. 
The 100% natural-derived original formulation has improved that heavy and sticky feeling that conventional natural hair oils have. We were also able to improve a smoother hair combing that can even be compared to a silicone-blended product. (Comparison of our prescription)


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