Hoshi Corporation opened a new Okinawa Factory in November 2015 making its fourth factory of cosmetics production. This factory is located in Okinawa Yamato Global Logistics building 「Southern Gate」 (hereinafter, referred to as “Okinawa GLC”) and specialized in cosmetics production from filling to packaging.
In order to support businesses that are expanding abroad, Hoshi Corporation opted to position a new Okinawa factory as a production support center with its geographical advantage in the Asian region. Furthermore, in July 2017 Okinawa factory received a license from the Okinawa Regional Customs to operate as bonded cosmetic factory, making this to be Japan’s first bonded cosmetic factory.
Okinawa GLC adjoins Okinawa International Logistics Hub (Naha Airport) and by setting a bonded factory in GLC, we managed to implement an intermodal freight strategy and storage for final products and cosmetics containers waiting to be exported, after filling and packaging.

Advantages in Using Our Okinawa Bonded Factory

Tax Reduction

Cut down duty from cosmetic containers

Short Time Delivery

Shorten export/import lead time due to Okinawa Factory’s strategic place, near Naha Airport

International Distribution Network

Effective use of Yamato Transport’s global network, Japan’s biggest distribution company

Trustworthy Made in Japan quality

Manufacturing cosmetics bulks in our local factories (Gunma, Saitama and/or Tokyo)

Storage Cost Reduction

Low Storage cost in Southern Gate

Assisting Cross-border E-commerce business

Product storage warehouse located in Southern Gate is available at low cost

Geographical Advantage: Japan’s southernmost place, Okinawa Prefecture

  • Within 4 hours away by air from major cities in Japan and Asian countries
  • Japan’s southernmost place and the closest Asian economic zone
  • Center of a large Asian market with a population of 20 billion people

Okinawa Factory Background Story – Full Support on Emerging Asian Markets

We, at Hoshi Corporation put forth effort not only as OEM products developer and manufacturer, but also as exporter/importer with continue steady growth. Clients requesting support to expand its business abroad and OEM orders from Asian countries are increasing every year.
We anticipated that the demand for cross-border E-Commerce will expand even more in a near future, hence we decided to open a filling factory in the Okinawa Global Logistics Center as an overseas logistics base that includes “overseas shipping of individual packaging” operations.

In July 2013, the Yamato Group announced its “Value Networking” concept, which combines speedy transport with value-added functions to transform creating new value.
We will continue to support our client’s further development as a “made in Japan” brand with the help from Yamato Transport’s global network, and our integrated operation from cosmetics filling, packing, and logistics arrangements.

Business Flow by Using Our Okinawa Bonded Factory

Transfer cosmetic bulk to Okinawa factory from our other cosmetic manufacturing factories
Import Korean or Taiwanese cosmetic packaging
★Selected high quality of Taiwanese and Korean packaging can be imported at preferential tariff rate
Bulk filling and move to final process of packaging
Export to your clients/agents (a third country) without custom clearance


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We offer you a complete service including formulations, skin care, hair care, body care and specialty cosmetic. 

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